Why UtiliTee?

The UtiliTee® guarantees to give you the most portable, durable and versatile hitting tee on the market. The UtiliTee® will show improvements in a hitter’s swing immediately by providing instant feedback on every swing! A hitter is finally able to build the proper muscle memory and correct their mistakes before they become habit with the instant feedback patented attachments. The UtiliTee also sets up in seconds! You no longer have to worry about sending your tee in to be replaced as the UtiliTee® is engineered with no hardware!  Take a look below at what makes the UtiliTee® the best hitting tee on the market that you can take with you anywhere, anytime:


  • UtiliTee’s® engineered urethane attachments have better abrasion and tear resistance than your traditional rubber top
  • The all weather urethane upper shaft provides superior impact resistance designed to withstand thousands of swings from any player
  • All attachments easily ‘snap’ into place in seconds
  • Each attachment comes with its own travel brush protector

Steel Tripod Base

Base closeup
  • Adjustable height for players of all ages. (24″- 42″)
  • Collapsible steel legs and heavy duty carrying bag for easy transportation
  • Fits over any home plate for an even hitting plane on any surface


  • Engineered with a low center of gravity without the need for any weights
  • The tripod base maximizes your practice time by keeping your UtiliTee® upright

‘No Feel’ Brush Top

  • Designed for both baseball and softball
  • Obtain true ball trajectory
  • Creates zero bat drag through the zone giving you a game like experience
  • More durable than the traditional rubber cone top