We love to hear comments and stories about your success with the Utilitee®. Here are just some examples of people who have revolutionized the way they train.

  1. Over the years as a college coach, I have bought many different hitting tees. The UtiliTee has proven to be the most versatile product I have ever used. It teaches our players the fundamentals of hitting with instant feedback on every swing.

    - Adam Smith - Head Baseball Coach at Concordia of Chicago
  2. The UtiliTee is amazing! I like it as a teaching tool because of the different developmental attachments. This is a great hitting tool for every range of coaching and player abilities. I highly recommend it for all hitters!

    - Jarvis Brown, Minnesota Twins World Series Winner
  3. As far as hitting tools, I feel I have used pretty much everything out on the market. I always have to buy new tees every year. We have been using the UtiliTee for some time now and have to say it has held up the wear and tear of our college guys but also have handled the camps we have with no problem. I highly recommend the UtiliTee for someone who is looking for a durable tee that teaches the fundamentals of hitting.

    - Augie Schmidt - Head Baseball Coach at Carthage College / Golden Spikes Winner
  4. I have been giving private hitting lessons for the past seven years. During this time, I have had to replace my tees every year. Putting a weight on the base of the tee gives the base some much needed stability, but its finally time to put the weights back into the weight room. With my time with the UtiliTee, there has not been one time I have been worried about its stability or durability. I recommend anyone that’s serious about hitting to get one.

    - Joe Ferro - Head Coach18U Lakeside Legends / Personal Hitting Coach
  5. As a coach, sometimes I am the only one working with 12-15 girls at a time. The UtiliTee allows me to group our hitters based on a specific skill set that they need to work on. The instant feedback with each attachment is a great way to show my hitters when they are not taking a proper swing without me having to watch each and every swing they take. They now have a great tool that will help them get better each and every time they use it. It’s such a breeze to take these tees with us in our travel bags wherever we go. I’ve seen our girls confidence build as they are now developing the proper muscle memory with every swing, making practice fun again. If you are in fast pitch softball, the UtiliTee is a must!

    - Jose Vazquez - High School / Travel Softball Coach
  6. Folks…I just received my UtiliTee from Boemeier Sports…They brought all three over and provided me with a demonstration on the best way to use the attachments for hitting-related drills. I cannot tell you how much this will not only help my hitting clients, but eliminate the need for multiple tees and other gadgets that I use during my lessons. One tee does it all! It was definitely worth the wait!

    - Jeff Bergman - Professional Hitting Instructor
  7. The UtiliTee is great! The team loved all the different attachments to the tee! Everyone’s weakness of hitting can be fixed with the different parts. It’s a great tee for everyone! We as a team couldn’t have asked for anything better. Thanks Boemeier Sports!

    - Shawn Miller - All American
  8. This is with out a doubt, the best training tool you can have to improve the mechanics of hitting. This one tee, with all of the attatchments, replaces several different ways to teach fundemental hitting. Having to use two tees to work on hitting in and outside pitches or using a chair in front of a tee, to correct dropping of the hands. This is truly the best tee that our program has used, both in the versitility, and super tough construction.

    - Jerry Costabile- High school Baseball coach
  9. Johnny Meier was my Reading and Social Studies teacher his least year teaching at Salem. On our free time all we talked about was baseball. When I found out he was leaving to make his baseball tee, I was happy because all the other tees in the stores are just so boring and simple. When I got this tee it was phenomenal! All the attachments helped me fix my swing and make me an even better baseball player. The tee is great and is unbreakable. If anyone is looking at tees to buy, make sure you look at this one because it is the best out there. They really know their stuff and made the next top baseball tee.

    - Tanner Bykowski
  10. Picked up the UtiliTee at a tournament demo and was so impressed I bought it with all of the attachments. Used it with the team at practice and the “In and Out” attachment was a huge plus in teaching them how to handle inside pitches.

    - Shane West
  11. As a former college and semipro player the UtiliTee would have been a great tool. Now that I run a kids travel program is it so valuable. I had an 8 year old with a huge loop in his swing. Before our game yesterday I put him on the tee for 15 swings, and he hasn’t stopped crushing the ball since. Did the same thing with a 5 year old today and wow same results. Huge thanks to the great guys at Boemeier Sports!!!
    -Mark Lesnik-Wisconsin Wave Sports Club Director

    - Mark Lesnik
  12. When looking at all the gimmicks and baseball products out there, this truly has helped our players with instant feedback. being able to get a true exit speed reading without the ball moving is tough. However the bristles allow the bat to go through with out any interference. The durability of the product is second to none in the Tee-Universe. If you are looking for a quality product at a fair price, definitely use these tees.

    - Mike Wallerich- Owner- Over the Wall: Baseball Academy & St. Norbert College Assistant
  13. I have seen my son grow from a kid the was hitting deep in the box and everything to the right field to a kid that hits it all over now. Teaching him how to swing with this tee is a big improvement. I just wished I could have used this when he was 4 instead of when he was 9. This is a must buy for your son or team.

    - dave reineke
  14. Bought the UtiliTee in the Spring (2014). The thing is virtually indestructable and travels well. At a tournament in FL, every coach who saw it asked where to get one. The Perfect Swing and Cast Away Attachments were instrumental in correcting and refining my daughter’s swing. Thanks guys!

    - Rich Goodwin

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